Rackable Pallet RP-1210T
  • Rackable Pallet RP-1210T
  • Model: RP-1210T (with 7 parallel arranged steel bars inside)
  • Dimensions: 1200x1000x150 mm (approx 48x40 inch)
  • Dynamic Load: 1.5 T (HDPE Material), 2T (PP material)
  • Static Load: 6T
  • Rackable Load: 1T (Depends on Span width)
  • Material: HDPE or PP
  • Entry: 4-Way (forklift and hand lift)
  • Style: Non Reversible Pallets
  • Min Order: 1x40HQ Container (393PCS)
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Detailed Product Description

Positions of 7 tubes:

Drive-In Rack System Application:

2000kg Dynamic Load Test: (use PP material with 7 heavy duty tubles)
the pallet has high dynamic load, when the pallet forking direction is roughly perpendicular to steel tubes
(the fork entry direction is by the side of 1200mm)

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